Monday, May 22, 2017

Pooches in the Ballpark 2017

WOOF!!!!  Remember my post last year about going to the Cardinals game?!  Well my friends, that time has come AGAIN for me to hit up a game with my bestie!  I took Braxton last year, and we had a blast!  However, this year I asked my chauffeur (mom) and favorite brother Patrick to come along with me!

Aren't we handsome?!  Both of us were decked out in our Cardinals gear AND armed with our GoPros to capture all of the fun of this awesome day!

We had to wait a bit once we got to the stadium before we could parade around the field...fortunately I had Patrick to keep me company and a ton of other dogs (that kept staring at my awesome outfit, I'm pretty sure).

We had a blast walking around the field!  Patrick and I strutted around the field like we owned it.  They really should hire us to do promo stuff for them cause we're adorable and totally caught everyone's attention with our matching GoPros!

Once we got to our seats after the parade we hung out for a bit and took in the sights before having dinner!  I scarfed down 2 hotdogs (thanks Patrick for giving me one of yours!) before I passed out on the floor from fullness and exhaustion.

The game was great (although the Cards lost in extra!!) and Patrick and I had an absolute blast!  A big thanks to my buddies at Purina for sending us again this year -- it's always our favorite event and we loooooove going each and every year.  WOOF!

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Latest Humiliations.

Guys, my mom has lost it.  Seriously.  But we knew this already...cause remember this post???!

Anyways, I thought I'd share with you today on this fine Friday some recent humiliations and exploitations she's done.  I mean, I think she thinks they're adorable and funny but me?!  My face pretty much says it all: NOPE.  No they are not.  #eyeroll

Mom decided to recreate Annie's newborn pics when she was 10 weeks old and tossed me in for good measure and NOPE.  Couldn't even look at the camera.

This one wasn't too bad.  I didn't have any clothes or bows on at least.

Annie agreed with me on this one...just diapers = NO WAY JOSE.

This was our Earth Day pic.  I don't know why Patrick got to be in shorts and I had to be in a diaper.  I'm freaking potty trained (well, mostly...) too you know!

Andddddd guess who was NOT thrilled about a pajama party?! THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.

I will admit, this was kinda comfy.  And mmmmm.  Donuts.

Mom wrote a review for her Spectra S2 breastpump and of course used me as click bait for the pic.  I cannot roll my eyes enough at her.

Aren't these great?!  NOT.  Mom thinks they are but me?!  Not so much.  I'm not smiling for a reason in them.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Brothers. And Besties.

The weather has been just perfect lately in STL (and I'm totally jinxing it cause now it'll start getting super hot and icky out.  UGHHH.) and my favorite brother and I have gotten to spend a LOT of time outside!

Well, wouldn't ya know it, mom had her camera one night recently when we were outside during 'that golden hour' time and she got a few snaps of Patrick and I...

Holy cats!  Did she ever get some great snaps! I love how these turned out so much!  Patrick and I are BFFs and we have to stick together to make sure the girls don't overtake the house any more than they already are...but yeah, these pictures totally show what besties we are and I love having him as my bro! WOOF!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Professional Model

Guys, do you know you're following a professional model?!

Yes, yours truly is a model.  I mean, I'm still waiting for that BIG BREAK, but mom posts me all over her photography website so I guess you could say it's getting kinda serious.

Just like a lion.  So regal in the grass. ROARRRRR!

I kinda sorta blend in with the floor.

I look really REALLY good in black and white, amiright?!!

 I mean, mom takes a gajillion pics of me and my brothers and sisters, which I adore, but it is SO NICE sometimes to be a solo professional model and get some snaps of JUST ME, you know?!  The camera LOOOOOOVES ME!