Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fancy Pants

I mean, there's no other word for us other than we're a bunch of fancy pants, amiright!?!  I can't help it -- we look freaking fabulous in sunglasses and I'm so glad my mom exploits snaps pics of us as much as she can when we're wearing them.

Also!  I busted out my {read: Rosie's} June & January ice cream dress again and paired them with my sunnies and bow clip {read: adorable} and again FANCY PANTS.  I can't help it guys, I'm just fabulous!

I am going to the spa later this week to get my hair and nails done, so hopefully that'll just add to my fanciness in the coming days...stay tuned friends.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cool Cats --errrr, I mean DOGS.

I mean, if we're not the coolest cats dogs around, I don't know who is!  I love that my younger siblings share my love for a good pair of sunnies, and that they're finally old enough to keep the darn things on their heads so mom can snap a pic of us lookin' super fly.

Stay cool my friends, cats included!