Monday, August 14, 2017

Annie & Me

So Annie and I have pretty much become besties.  She loves me, I love her...a lot.

You saw last week how I made sure none of her ice cream remnants went to waste on her face...

Well on Friday night it was just gorgeous out (and some 'golden hour' time that my mom kept referencing) so Annie and I got to hang out for a bit on our favorite quilt.

When mom told us to smile I nailed it!  Annie did not.  Scooter - 1, Annie - 0.

WHAT.  We are adorable.

Annie totally got me back for the lick attack from last week...

But then I got her right back again too!  Boo ya!  Haha!

Here's to many more gorgeous nights spent outside with my littlest sis!  Maybe next time we'll ask Patrick and Rosie to join in on our fun :)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Guys, I GOT HER!

I heard Annie may have had a taste of ice cream tonight so I couldn't let any remnants go to

BAM!  I got her!  And you know what?!  She didn't hate it!  Actually, I'd say I think she kinda liked it!

Ahhhh, Annie, you are just delicious.  Thanks for leaving me some ice cream treat on your face.  You can always count on old Scoots here to take care of that for you.