Friday, May 19, 2017

The Latest Humiliations.

Guys, my mom has lost it.  Seriously.  But we knew this already...cause remember this post???!

Anyways, I thought I'd share with you today on this fine Friday some recent humiliations and exploitations she's done.  I mean, I think she thinks they're adorable and funny but me?!  My face pretty much says it all: NOPE.  No they are not.  #eyeroll

Mom decided to recreate Annie's newborn pics when she was 10 weeks old and tossed me in for good measure and NOPE.  Couldn't even look at the camera.

This one wasn't too bad.  I didn't have any clothes or bows on at least.

Annie agreed with me on this one...just diapers = NO WAY JOSE.

This was our Earth Day pic.  I don't know why Patrick got to be in shorts and I had to be in a diaper.  I'm freaking potty trained (well, mostly...) too you know!

Andddddd guess who was NOT thrilled about a pajama party?! THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.

I will admit, this was kinda comfy.  And mmmmm.  Donuts.

Mom wrote a review for her Spectra S2 breastpump and of course used me as click bait for the pic.  I cannot roll my eyes enough at her.

Aren't these great?!  NOT.  Mom thinks they are but me?!  Not so much.  I'm not smiling for a reason in them.

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