Friday, July 21, 2017

That Play Romper Life

Guys, the new June & January play rompers just came out and, I must say, I look freaking fabulous in them.

Almost a year ago I was modeling the old style playsuits and a year later here I am, slimmed down (I was in a 2T last year and squeezed into a 6/12 month one this year. bow wow), and rockin' that blush dot like it's my JOB.  Also my posture has gotten better so yay for that.

I mean, how freaking flattering are these on me?!  And my tail is tucked so that's mildly uncomfortable but what we do for fashion, amiright?!

If you have a little one (human or dog, doesn't matter) go snag one of these for them because they'll look ahhhhdorable in them.  Promise.

Fashionista Scoots

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