Sunday, June 12, 2016

Doggie Paddlin'

We have a backyard pool.  It's 100% hoosier.  And no, not the Hoosier like from Indiana, like this STL meaning.

Anyways, my mom geniusly thought it was a good idea to toss yours truly in the pool today.  Although this isn't my first dip in a pool, I'm hoping it is my last.  Just cause I'm a dog and can paddle, does NOT mean I like to doggie paddle.  I prefer my dainty little paws to be on solid DRY ground.  Always.

Rosie loved swimming but not moi.  I spent the entire time trying to get myself OUT of the pool and dry.  I AM A DOG NOT A FISH.

Anyways, enjoy these pics of me being miserable in a pool not meant for canines.  I hope mom enjoys the large amount of whizzle I left in there too.

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