Monday, September 26, 2016


Oh nothing much new around these parts, except I had to share some recent snaps with you all.

First off, how freaking dashing do I look in these sunnies?!  And THEY MATCH MY COLLAR!  Bow wow, amiright?!!

So Rosie got a haul of new clothes from her {read: mom's} favorite store, June & January.  Of course Ro was gone the day they came at a sleepover at grandma's, so guess who got suckered in to trying on her new duds?!  Yep.  Moi.

Now, I will say that I look positively radiant in these clothes, because, anything I wear looks fancy dancy on me.  However, I have to add this: DOES MOM FORGET THAT I'M A BOY?!!  BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS PUTS ME IN GIRL CLOTHES!  EVEN BOW CLIPS!  So much eyerollin' for my mom these days, I can't even keep track.  I'm sure it's her unique little way of showing that she loves me, right?!  RIGHT!!!?!!

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