Friday, April 29, 2016

I am Scooter.

Dogs do blog, so welcome to mine.

Why is it socially acceptable for humans to pee inside (in a bathroom, I know, but still it's INSIDE) yet I get verbally backhanded when I do?  I mean, do you want to pee somewhere not climate controlled to 72 glorious degrees where the grass is tickling your nether regions?!  Yeah, me either. #ForeverPeeingontheCouch

While I'm at it, why do my mom and dad get to sleep in a huge bed that's oversized for them yet I'm sausaged into a cat bed (literally. It's a bed shaped like a cat FOR A CAT.  That fact isn't lost on me mom.) that's meant for a feline half my size?!  Not fair.

There's a lot more going through my pea-sized brain but I just saw a squirrel dart across the yard so I need to go incessantly bark at where it was for the next 27 minutes.  Then I'll probably take a nap and pee on the side of the couch when no one's watching, cause #YOLO.

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  1. Hi Scooter, Trina and I just love you to death! Everything you post on Facebook is great, and I'm really happy you have a blog now! You are too cute, and I love how all your pics are censored, ha! You and your brother and now new sister are adorable together :)